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Stitch Fix Recap #34

Happy Friday! You’ve probably noticed things have been a bit quiet around here this week. I’ve been doing a lot of planning for the future of Countdowns and Cupcakes and I foresee some big things happening in the near future! In order to make those happen and still work my day job/eat/sleep/spend time with my husband, I’m going to cut back to just three posts a week here on the blog. The good news is that gives me more time to produce really valuable content for you all as well as pursue some new opportunities to expand the Countdowns and Cupcakes family.

If you’re interested in more Countdowns and Cupcakes than just what’s on the blog, then I highly encourage you to follow my social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest).

But don’t worry, some things won’t change at all, like sharing my monthly Stitch Fix! For those of you who are new to Stitch Fix, it’s a clothing subscription box that sends you 5 hand-selected pieces monthly for you to try on at home. I love the styles they have and each box gets progressively better as my stylist learns what I like. If you’re interested in checking out Stitch Fix, please consider using my referral link so I get a little something extra towards my next Fix.

Item #1: Heartloom Nelie Lace Trim Crossfront Blouse. This top was really pretty, but white is not a color I can handle wearing. Between my general clumsiness and a black cuddly wiener dog, that shirt would never make it.  They sent me a medium and it was bit loose, but that’s probably part of the style. I did send this back.

Item #2: Romolo Lepel Link Chain Choker. I have this weird thing about stuff tight against my neck. I can’t wear turtlenecks or chokers for that reason. This little cutie had to go back.

Item #3: Margaret M Safiya Maxi Skirt. This was hands down my favorite piece and the only one that I ended up keeping. I got a medium petite so the skirt is the right length! Praise! I’ve worn it to work twice already and love how comfy it is while still being ok for the office.

Item #4: Q&A Beckie Ladder Pleat Blouse. I really liked this top, especially the mint color. But the fit wasn’t quite right (I got a medium) so I sent it back.

Item #5: Adorne Natalie Lace Dress. Oh this dress. The fabric was beautiful! All of the lace detailing was embroidered and I desperately wanted to keep it. But the neckline was a bit funky and limited the undergarments I could wear.  I got a size 6 and it ran fairly true to size, but because it wasn’t a petite size, I think that contributed to some of my issues with it. But if had a different neckline, I would have kept it in a heartbeat.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you here next week when I share A’s first care package! It’s a super cute one!

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