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Work Lunches You’ll Actually Enjoy

Work lunches to keep you full and save you money!

Get ready to have your mind blown. On average, a takeout lunch in my area costs about $8.50. If I multiply that out (5 workdays a week, 50-ish work weeks a year), I end up spending over $8,000 a year on work lunches. Yes, that’s a comma in there. Anyone else freaking out? Because I am! That’s a few vacations, the down payment on a car, new furniture for more than one room in the house. And I’m spending it on salad?! No thank you!

I’m making a commitment to bring my lunch as many days a week as possible and since we all know that work lunches can borderline on the boring, I’m on the hunt for as many ideas as possible. While I’m all for a good salad, I know that I can’t eat the same thing every day or I will get bored. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite ideas for work lunches.

The pasta salad is one of my favorite work lunches, especially when I pair it with some cheese or rotisserie chicken and lots of fruit. You could also add it as a side to a more traditional sandwich.  The white pizza is a great leftover lunch although you could certainly make it specifically to take to work. I recommend reheating in a toaster oven rather than a microwave so it doesn’t get soggy.

The salsa chicken is a great meal prep lunch; you can make a big batch on Sunday and have work lunches for the entire week. I like adding some chopped tomatoes and brown rice into each portion. You could also eat it with tortillas, cheese and guacamole for more of a taco feel.

I’m really excited to try the Italian chicken and Greek tortellini as well.  They look really easy and good eating at work, plus maybe a taste test or two beforehand.

What are your favorite work lunches?



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