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“Reasons I Love You” Care Package

If you’re anything like me, you probably tell your husband that you love him a lot. But what I don’t do as often is tell my husband WHY I love him. I often think it in the moment, but then something happens or a I get distracted and rarely share it with him. And frankly that’s a shame. Who doesn’t like hearing why someone else finds them awesome?

So when it came time to put together A’s travel care package, I knew immediately that reasons I love him would be the perfect theme. I found a small white box at Michael’s to hold all of my notes. I gathered all of my cute Post-Its and pens and got writing.

At first I thought writing more than all of these notes would be hard, but as soon as I started, the ideas started flowing.  Before I knew it, my little box was full of reasons I loved my husband.

This was quite possibly the easiest care package I’ve ever put together, mainly because there are so many reasons I love my husband! But seriously, this is a really quick way to make a big impact on your loved one; you can even have little ones or other family members contribute notes. I put in a few reasons from Ruger and B. You can make it as simple or complicated as you’d like, making it very budget friendly.

This would be a great thing to include in an anniversary care package or even give to someone as their anniversary present. If you really wanted to take things up a notch, you could write each reason on the back of a photo. Just like the reasons you love someone, the ideas for this care package are endless.

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