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Military Spouse Profile: Lindsay from Uplifting Anchor

There are so many amazing military spouses out there kicking butt on a daily basis that deserve to be recognized and I’m excited to feature one of them each month with my Military Spouse Profile series. If you’re interested in sharing your story (or know someone who might), please send me an email!

Introduce yourself to my readers! Tell us a little bit about who you are.

Hello, I’m Lindsay. I am a military spouse and the mother to one rambunctious toddler girl. Our family loves to travel and we’ve taken our suitcases all over the world. I find solace in writing, hearing the hum of my sewing machine, and getting lost in good books. I thrive on random living room dance parties and cooking up something comforting. I believe in supporting and strengthening the community we are in.

What inspired you to start blogging?

My first year of motherhood was incredibly humbling. My husband was deployed for my entire pregnancy, making it home just in time for the birth, and then deployed again when our daughter was only 3 months old.

We had faced deployments before, but never with a child. I felt lost, tired, unhappy, and hopeless. My daughter and I were miles from family, so I spent a great deal of time building a mom/military spouse support system.

That system expanded far and wide. I was impacted by other strong women that raised me up in a time of great need. The internet and the home base support that was built around me showed me how positive leaning into others can be. I want to continue encouraging those that walk a similar journey, and so a year after my daughter turned one, the blog was born!

What’s the main message you hope your blog shares with your readers?

Uplifting Anchor encourages mothers and military spouses. Readers should know that they are ALWAYS ENOUGH.

What is your favorite part of being a military spouse?

I have three favorites: travel, experiences, and community. We’ve seen an incredible amount of the world. My experience as a spouse has shaped me as a person. I am stronger than I ever thought I could be. I am also a person that has a hard time asking for help- but when I have needed it, our community knows how to rally for one another.

Tell us a little bit about your journey as a military spouse-the ups and downs, lessons learned, etc.

This could be an entire book! My husband and I have known one another since we were 17. The first plane ride I ever took was to see him graduate from boot camp. I then broke up with him because I did not want to be a military spouse. Even then, I knew only a small fraction of the sacrifices this lifestyle would entail. However, love won out. My heart could love no other. So here we are- almost nine years married and twelve years into his career.

We’ve moved four times, lived overseas three times, faced five deployments, and seen more than ten countries together. My down times have come when the sacrifices we’ve made have tested our marriage and challenged me personally and professionally. I’ve put the term “choose happiness” to the test. I firmly believe that we do have to choose and work for our own happiness, it does not just come.

My downs are also my ups, because each down has catapulted me through a great challenge and change. I can see the good on the other side of a dark time.

Moving overseas is always a roller coaster of emotions, and we have done it a lot! I would consider the times we’ve been overseas my greatest downs and ups as a spouse. I face a big choice during these times: to choose to make the best of it. When I make a positive choice, I can enjoy the adventure despite being far from family, American culture, and normal comforts.

I am grateful that I can make home wherever we are. I’m proud that I’ve found a way to keep a sense of self during this time. I’m also extremely proud of our marriage.

What’s the number one piece of advice you would give a new military spouse?

Do not shy away from educating yourself, knowing your resources, and getting help. I wasted many years (and so much effort!) in military spouse denial. The support you need is out there- please seek it.

What or who has been the biggest help or source of support to you in your role as a military spouse?

  1. My family and friends are very supportive of our journey. We do not get to see extended family very often, but both set of parents, even into their mid-sixties, are so adventurous! I take heart knowing they will get on a plane to get to where we are. They’ve also answered countless defeated deployment phone calls, sent care packages, and just been the booster seats I’ve needed to get through tough times.
  2. I would also like to note that author/speaker/counselor Corie Weathers changed our lives. Her book Sacred Spaces lifted our marriage out of a hard time, and we make a point to listen to her podcast each month. It re-centers us.
  3. My own husband and our communication. Even in the hardest of times, we hang tight and lean in together. We are far from perfect, but he supports me and knows my heart.

Do you have a favorite place the military has taken you? What is it and why?

Seoul, S. Korea- that overseas tour was amazing. We lived there two years and it solidified us as a couple. We only had each other and we saw all that the city had to offer. I was able to start my own dance program there. We made life-long friends, and I will always look back on that time with great fondness. It was an adventure of a lifetime.

Just for fun:

  • Favorite Netflix binge-worthy watch? The Crown!
  • What’s your favorite hobby? I love to embroider and quilt
  • Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate: always and forever. 
  • Tell us a random fact about yourself. I was a dancer on Carnival Cruise Lines

Many thanks to Lindsay for sharing her story! I love Lindsay’s mission to show her readers that they are always enough! I think that’s probably something that we all struggle with, but it may be a bit harder for military spouses, especially when the military comes first so often. You can find Lindsay on her blog, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

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