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Military Branch Care Package

Military branch care package

My heart belongs to someone in the Navy. That sentence sums up 98% of my life and was the inspiration for the new military branch care package in my shop. When you become a military spouse, a piece of your heart travels around the world with your significant other every time they leave. This care package represents that perfectly.

I wanted the flaps to be very simple so that the emphasis could be on the bottom. The yellow cutouts provide the perfect background for 5×7 photos or a love note to your service member. This is the first time I created a care package design with the intention of it being customized by customers and I’m excited for folks to get their hands on it.

Military branch care package

I went with a very subtle color scheme for this care package so that each branch was represented equally. The shimmery gray paper plays perfectly off the gray hearts on the bottom paper and gives the flaps a little added dimension. Each branch has a different cutout on the fourth flap that really pops against the gray.

Military branch care package

This military branch care package comes in a version for each branch so there is something for everyone, no matter which branch has your heart. You can view the different versions in my Etsy shop. As always, the care package ships free in the US and 10% of each sale will be donated to an organization that supports military families.

Which branch has your heart?

P.S. you can learn more about my second quarter donation recipient, Service Dogs for Heroes, here.

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