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Why Military Spouses Make Great Friends

Dear civilian readers,

Please become friends with a military spouse. I know it may seem like we have a lot of drama in our lives, but that’s all Hollywood nonsense. You may think that we would make cruddy friends because of all the extra stuff going on. But that’s so not true! In fact, we make really good friends thanks to the lessons we’ve learned as military spouses.

We’re flexible.

I’m not sure you could find a more flexible friend than a military spouse. Have to change plans 15 times because of your work/kids/in-laws/hot water heater? No worries, the military just changed where we were moving 16 times so you’re still coming out on top.

We won’t be clingy. 

Our spouses leave for months at a time. We move halfway across the world where we know no one. We’ll be ok if you have a busy week at work and don’t return our text.

We have a pretty good sense of humor.

You don’t survive life as a military spouse without a sense of humor. When Murphy’s Law comes knocking during deployment, you have to laugh or you’ll straight up cry. We can find humor in every day situations, even when it seems like everything stinks.

We have random skills that could come in handy. 

Need something fixed around the house? Call us! Odds are we’ve had to fix it ourselves or know exactly who to call.  We’re resourceful, independent and most of us are fairly familiar with the contents of a toolbox.

If you don’t like us, no worries. We’ll move in a few years. 

Sometimes friendships run their course, but the person is still in your life every single day. You don’t have to worry about this with military spouses. Every few years, we pack up and move to a new spot, giving both of us chances to let the friendship fizzle out.

We’re good at maintaining relationships, even long distance.

But on the flip side of that, take comfort in knowing that we are very good at maintaining relationships, even when they are long distance. We’ve had plenty of practice staying in touch with people far and wide and will stick by you no matter how far apart we are.

So to all of my civilian readers: find that military spouse in your life and become friends! We may just be the best friend you’ve ever had.

What makes the military spouses in your life such good people to have as friends?

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