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Life With Ruger

Oh gracious, y’all. Today was B’s turn to blog and when we began brainstorming his post, I had to say no to a lot of sassy stuff. We finally settled on what life is like now that Ruger has joined our family, but I apologize in advance if he snuck some extra sass by me.  

I’ve learned a valuable lesson lately: everyone lies, including the people you think love you the most. You see, when Rachel told me that Ruger was coming to live with us, she also said that nothing would change and that I would hardly notice that he was there.


Here we are a year later and I can tell you with absolute certainty that A LOT has changed and I definitely notice that he’s here. He’s so big, you guys! He takes up all the bed and almost all of the sofa and is constantly squishing me. Don’t believe me? Well look at this! He’s using me as a pillow! And his head is heavy!

Yeah. Don’t tell me I won’t notice him. He’s slowly taking over the entire house, sitting in all my favorite spots, including Rachel’s lap, which really grinds my gears! That’s my spot, mister. Not cool. I also get stepped on a lot more now than I ever did before, especially when we go up the stairs.

Now I do try to get even with him by stealing his toys whenever he isn’t looking. I’ve chewed up everything he’s ever owned and I’d do it again if I had the chance. Sometimes I even blame him for things I did, like chewing on something I shouldn’t or farting under the covers in bed. Silly dog is too dumb to even realize it.

Now, my mom said I had to share some good things about having Ruger in our house. I had a hard time coming up with any at first, but I do like using his head as a pillow sometimes.  And he’s a really sloppy eater so there’s always extra kibble for me to clean up after he’s done.  That’s definitely my favorite part of Ruger living with us.

I guess he’s not that bad, although if my mom and dad decided I should be the only dog in the bed again, I would be ok with that.

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