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Isle of Palms Getaway

Hello all! It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog lately because I’ve been on vacation (like real honest to goodness vacation) with A’s family. We ditched the real world for a few days just outside of Charleston on Isle of Palms and oh my word, was it pretty!

We had quite a few action packed days, but I will just hit the highlights for you and let the pictured do the talking.

Favorite tourist trap: horse-drawn carriage tours of Charleston. Our tour guides John and Dakota did a fantastic job showing us around Charleston in style. The route was beautiful and the commentary was both informative and entertaining. I know it’s totally cliche, but I so recommend doing one if you haven’t already! Honorable mention goes to the sunset dolphin tour from Barrier Island Eco Tours.

Favorite restaurant: High Thyme Cuisine on Sullivan’s Island. We stumbled upon this place after our first choice was closed, but oh my gosh am I glad we did! Everything was phenomenal, but the special appetizer of crab risotto was beyond good. If it had just been A and I, I likely would have licked the plate.

Favorite nature views: This is a tough one because we had such gorgeous views throughout our trip, but the beach on Caper’s Island was breathtaking, especially the boneyard of giant dead trees.  We were there at sunset and everything had the most beautiful glow to it. I could have stayed there for hours photographing everything.

Favorite activity: While we did the beach and other resort-living activities, my favorite was definitely our inshore fishing trip with Capt. Chuck of Charleston Sport Fishing. A and his brother purchased the trip as a Father’s Day present for their dad and I got to tag along! It was so much fun: I’d never been on a boat like this one and had never seen fish that big in person. Of course it didn’t hurt that I caught a giant fish! The winner of the day was definitely A who caught a 20-pound red drum as well as a huge black tip reef shark (although the shark got away before A got him to the boat).

And some more photos, because I just can’t resist! We had such a great time that none of us wanted to come home.  We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled blog posts tomorrow so make sure to come back then!

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