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Easy Summer Date Ideas

Easy Summer Date Ideas

Alright, ladies and gentlemen: it’s summertime! Schools are out, the temperatures are high and the days are long. And you know what that means, don’t you? It’s time to fill that extra time with lots of fun summer dates! I’ve shared a few ideas previously, but am back with even more easy summer date ideas. The best part of these summer date ideas is that they are easily adjusted to accommodate other couples, pets or little ones for a full family experience.

Summer Date Ideas

Eat ice cream in the park.

It’s hot. Ice cream is cold. If you eat it while walking through the park, it negates the calories. Right?

Backyard pool party.

If you’ve recently had someone like California Pools (www.CaliforniaPools.com) install a new pool then I don’t think there’s a better way to christen it than a party! I know what you’re thinking: a pool party doesn’t necessarily sound like the perfect summer date. Trust me though, there is nothing more entertaining than splashing about in your pool. It’s even more entertaining if you mix in an adult beverage or two. Make sure you look on Easy Home Concepts to find the perfect towel rack though, you want to be able to dry off before heading back inside!

Spend a day at the lake.

Nothing sounds more refreshing in the summer than a swim so make a whole day (and date) out of it! Bring some pool floats, some snacks and drinks and spend the day floating and relaxing.

Go for an early morning walk (or run).

Beat the heat by getting your outdoor exercise done early in the day. I really enjoy running with my husband in the morning before the day gets crazy and we get pulled in opposite directions. You get the fun of a date while doing something good for your body. If you’d like to add a little reward at the end of it, plan your route to end at a coffee shop or your favorite breakfast spot.

Living room campout.

The heat of summer can make traditional camping a little more uncomfortable than fun, so add an indoor twist to it. Move the furniture out of the living room and pull all of the pillows and blankets onto the floor. Spend the night watching movies 0r binging on your new favorite Netflix show. Make popcorn or s’mores and sleep in your living room.

Put on your own fireworks show!

What says summer better than fireworks? Leading up to July 4th, you can get them almost anywhere for relatively low prices. Put on a small fireworks show for your family and friends. Disclaimer: you need to check your town’s rules on fireworks-they are illegal in many spots! Always follow the law and be safe!

What are your favorite summer date ideas?

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