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Happy first day of summer, everyone! While today may officially mark the start of the summer season, we have been in full on BBQ mode for weeks now. And can you really blame us? A friend of mine recently had their BBQ, and it was great fun, the best part of the day was when they brought out their ground meat machine and started grounding up the meat to make burgers to throw on the grill. It reminded me how much I loved BBQs and cookouts. For me, cookouts are one of the best parts of summer, something that I know my husband hates missing when he’s deployed. I even have a few BBQ secrets of my own to share with you – for example, check out the best wood pellets for my grill. That got me thinking about how I would send a BBQ care package and this inspiration post was born!

BBQ Care Package Decor

To really sell this box as a BBQ care package, it needs to look like a BBQ! The easiest way to do that is to decorate the box with paper that looks like a tablecloth (or use an actual tablecloth!) I’m a big fan of this gingham paper I found online.

You could a cutout grill, hamburger, hotdogs or any sort of grilling tools. You can find some really cute stickers to go along with your BBQ care package online as well. Possible wording could include “can’t wait for you to be all up in my grill”, “license to grill”, “you know how to turn this grill on” or “I’d PIC-nic you every time.”

If you wanted to turn this BBQ care package into a full-on picnic theme, you could package all the contents in a small picnic basket and put that in the box. How stinking cute would that be?!

BBQ Care Package Contents

Of course, the second step to a perfect BBQ care package involves having the right contents! Sending a grill and raw hamburgers is out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep the theme going with the help of a little creativity.

  • BBQ sauces: during the summer, BBQ sauce is everywhere. If you are able to find miniature sizes, you could send a few different varieties for your loved one to try.
  • BBQ flavored foods: you can find chips, snack mixes and even beef jerky that has a BBQ flavor.
  • Soda: while I think we all know that beer and BBQ goes hand-in-hand, you can’t send actual beer in your BBQ care package. Root beer may be a good substitute, just make sure to put each can in a plastic bag and cushion them well. Or if you really want them to have the ultimate cold, refreshing feeling, then putting them in something similar to these Yeti coolers could help to prevent your drinks from getting warm. No one wants warm drinks at a BBQ.
  • BBQ magazine or cookbook.
  • Bugspray
  • Picnic tablecloth
  • Lemonade mix
  • Summer sausage, mustard and buns: summer sausage is shelf stable and a great way to add a little meat to your BBQ care package. A loves getting these in his care packages; just make sure that they don’t violate any rules where you’re sending them.
  • Plastic plates, cups and silverware: now, I’m partial to these plastic baskets, but you could find great options wherever you shop.
  • Supplies for S’mores: I really love these s’mores cakes in a jar, but shipping may take a toll on them. You can certainly send stuff to make s’mores or send these from Russell Stover’s.

Have you ever sent a BBQ care package? What did you put in it?

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