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Five Secrets For A Perfect Travel Care Package

Travel Care Package

Hello all, long time no chat! Some really long days at work plus some family obligations in a town with no internet conspired against me late last week and early this week. Hopefully I’m making up for it today with a great post about how to put together the perfect travel care package.

Travel Care Package Tips

1. Make it about a future trip. 

This tip is actually courtesy of my husband. He enjoys looking forward to our post-deployment vacations and a travel care package that helps him do that would be a lot of fun. This box can help your loved one get through the draggiest part of deployment by giving them something more fun to focus on.

2. Decorate the flaps to look like the destination’s flag. 

Flags are a great and easy way to decorate your travel care package. You could print the flags out and paste them onto the flaps or you could create them out of construction paper. Not sure what the flag of your destination looks like? Here’s a great place to start. You could also add pictures of the place to your flaps as well.

3. Include foods unique to the area. 

This may be the most difficult tip to accomplish, but places like World Market have a wide selection of international foods that are shelf stable. They’re a one-stop shop for every country from Australia to Japan to India. You can find other travel care package food in specialty grocery stores or ethnic food markets.

4. Send movies or books that take place there. 

I definitely recommend sending guidebooks for wherever you plan to travel, but you could certainly take it a step further by sending novels or even films set there. They may not be the most accurate representations of the place, but they will definitely get your loved one excited for the trip!

5. Wrap contents in a map of the destination.

So you’ve decorated and filled your travel care package with great things, but now what? I’m a big believer in wrapping care package contents and this care package is no exception. But how do you make it fit your theme? By using a map as wrapping paper of course! Depending on your destination, you can likely find them in a bookstore or order them online.

My husband and I love to travel together so a travel care package is definitely in store for a future deployment. If you were sending one, what would be your destination?

P.S. Congratulations to Carolann for winning my military spouse giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered!

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