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Summer Care Package

Summer Care Package

What do you consider to be the official start to summer? Memorial Day? When you have to switch your AC on for the first time? For me, it’s when temps hit the 90s and we are officially there in North Carolina this week! The flip flops are out, the AC is on and a summer care package is the perfect way to celebrate!

The best part about a summer care package is that it could have a variety of different themes all based on whatever the recipient loves most about the season. You could send a beach-themed box, a baseball care package, a backyard cookout box or even one that celebrates camping. (You can find even more ideas in my giant list of care packages.) To me, the only requirement is that it’s fun in honor of summer.

I was recently at Michaels and found some super cute paper that would be beyond perfect for a general summer care package. What says summer better than flamingos and pineapples? You could also find paper with flip flops or sunglasses on it.

Things to include in the box vary a bit based on your theme, but you really can’t go wrong with:

  • Sunglasses
  • Flip flops
  • Shorts or swimsuits
  • Astronaut ice cream
  • Little paper umbrellas to put in their (non-alcoholic) drinks
  • Cooling towels
  • Hawaiian breeze air freshener
  • Tropical flavored protein powder
  • Otter pops – if possible, I would keep these in their original box just in case any pop.
  • Anything bright and colorful

The sky’s the limit with summer care package inspiration. There are so many things to celebrate and who wouldn’t a box full of fun in the sun?

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