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Rustic Lighting Ideas

Three words that make me shudder: builder-grade lighting. As much as I love our house, that’s the same amount that I hate the ugly light fixtures that came with it. I had envisaged having gooseneck lighting fixtures or something simple yet elegant, but as excited as I am to replace every single one, I quickly learned that doing so would get very expensive in the blink of an eye, or the flick of a switch. I’m sorry.

So instead, I’ve opted to replace each light fixture as I finish decorating the room it’s in, whether its a intricate rustic design or a chandelier drum for example. A will still groan at the money we’re spending. I have, let’s say not-so-cheap taste, and we are still debating whether we are going to use an electrician or whether we will just carry out the work ourselves. It’s probably best if we use an electrician because then we know the lights have been installed correctly and haven’t been butchered by us. Of course, I’ll do my research before choosing an electrician and probably visit company website or two. But at least we will only be spending a little bit at a time fussing over it. Who knew lighting could cause so much fuss! So far the only light we’ve replaced is the one in the downstairs guest room, but it is definitely one that fits with the rustic feel I’m going for.

I would not be opposed to purchasing the same light for other rooms in the house, especially where we want to keep the ceiling as high as possible. I may have other opinions, especially as the person who had to install it. Thinking back at it now, I really should have considered getting a professional to help me with electrical matters – not least due to safety concerns. Next time, I might check out electricians in my area first. My friend of mine recently needed to call an electrician to fix a broken bulb and she lives in the Point Cook area in Melbourne. Apparently, she just went online and searched for something similar to ‘electrician in Point Cook‘ and clicked on the first company that came up. They were over within a few hours and her bulb was fixed. It’s amazing how quickly you can get help with anything. I’ll definitely be bearing this in mind for next time!

My next targets are the lights in the main room: living room mushroom light, kitchen pendants, and light over the dining table. Since these will all be visible at the same time, I want to make sure they go together, but they don’t necessarily need to match perfectly. Whilst we’ll probably install these lights ourselves, one of my friends did recently recommend this electrician oakleigh if we do decide to call out an electrician. We’ll keep that electrician in mind, however, we’re trying to keep the costs down. Although, it would probably be quite nice to have peace of mind that the lights have been wired up correctly. We’ll see, we might end up calling on an electrician as we do have a lot of lights to install.


I really like the natural wood tones of 2 and 3, but love the shape of the first option, especially if they were individual pendant lights over the island. Part of my would really like a ceiling fan for the living room, but have yet to find one short enough to not block the TV and attractive enough to not stick out like a sore thumb.

I could actually see the third one in our entryway (which surprise surprise needs a new light) as well, especially if I found something closer to the second option for over the dining table. Although, I’d probably call in someone like this Longview WA electrician to see if they could figure out why this light keeps breaking; it’s either some dodgy wiring or the harsh weather we sometimes get here. The real question now becomes where do I find rustic lighting that doesn’t break the bank?

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