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What Military Spouses Want From Their Fairy Godmother

Wouldn’t military spouse life be easier if we all had a fairy godmother just like Cinderella? I think we would all come up with a fairy godmother wish list pretty darn quickly, but they probably wouldn’t include turning a pumpkin into a coach. Odds are we would have a few more practical requests of Miss Bibbity Bobbity Boop.

If military spouses had a fairy godmother, we would ask for…

…a strong and reliable Internet connection.

…the military to stick to timelines or plans, any timeline or plan.

…our first choice for the next duty station. Or even one in the top five.

…a PCS that results in zero broken or lost items.

…a family vacation that doesn’t have to be rescheduled six times.

…a deployment to end on time.

…a way to remember 10-15 years of previous addresses.

…Murphy’s Law to leave us alone just.this.one.time.

…birds, chipmunks, any woodland creature to come clean the house and mow the lawn.

…a “boring” deployment or even better yet, no more deployments.

What would you ask your military fairy godmother for?

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