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Loving Lately: May 2017

We have these big beautiful magnolia trees blooming across from our house and I have had my heart set on photographing the flowers for quite a while now. I want to add one to our entryway photo project, but was having no luck. Why, you ask? Well because someone was STEALING the magnolia flowers! I know!

I would see a perfect one in the morning on the way to work and by the time I got home in the afternoon, it would be gone. Not wilted or petal-less. Gone. And this happened multiple times: the worst being when A and I both saw one on the way to brunch and by the time we came back a few hours later, it was gone. Who steals magnolia flowers?!

Long(er) story short: I finally got a photo and am pretty happy with it because who knows when another one will last long enough for me to break out the camera. No, I’m not at all bitter.

Moving on to a round-up of some of my favorite May links from the Internet!

I’ve posted before about the Five Love Languages, but thanks to Elise, I just learned that there are Apology Languages! I’m looking forward to taking the quiz and learning which one is my top language, as well as A’s.

Chelsea is one of those bloggers who finds a way to put into words the exact sentiment that I have floating around in my head.  Her thoughts on giving yourself grace are outstanding and I highly recommend reading them.

My 4th of July care package is now available in my Etsy shop! Get yours soon!

Earlier this month it was Military Spouse Appreciation Day and SpouseBuzz put together a really great post on how to appreciate the modern military spouse. First step? Recognize the diversity that exists within our population.

I completely agree that stubbornness is the key to a successful military marriage.

It comes down to choices. You chose your spouse. Remember? Most likely, you vowed “until death do us part,” or something similar, during your wedding ceremony. Most of us didn’t include vows like, “until there’s more month than money,” “Uncle Sam says move again,” “your spouse is sent on a remote tour,” “deployment orders come through AGAIN,” “chronic illness strikes,” “we move 4000 miles from family to the  middle of nowhere” (rver hear of Kwajalein Atoll?), “PTSD happens,” or [fill in the blank].

Grace has some fantastic thoughts on learning from your spouse and how you can grow closer by doing so.

Speaking of Grace, I had the pleasure of guest posting on her blog earlier this month and do hope you’ll check out the four pre-deployment questions you must ask.

Happy last day of May!

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