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Love Language Care Package

Love Language Care Package

In March, A and I read The Five Love Languages: Military Edition and it had a big impact on us. We’ve been more intentional about how we love each other because we want to speak each other’s love language. But the book got me thinking about how to continue that even when we’re half a world apart. Of course, my first thought was a love language care package!

But that seems to be easier said than done. After all, how do you ship someone their love language? It definitely requires you to get creative, but luckily for you, I’ve put together some inspiration for your love language care package.

Love Language Care Package

Words of Affirmation

If your significant other’s love language is Words of Affirmation, you better get your writing hand ready! Sending written reminders of how much you love them and why they are special to you will go a long way to making them feel loved. You can spread the work a bit by having friends and family all contribute letters. Or get really creative and put together a video of everyone sending their love.

Quality Time

A quality time love language care package may be one of the toughest ones to put together, but it can still be done! Unless you’re shipping a really really large box, you probably won’t be able to send yourself, but you can still fill your loved one’s need for quality time. A great way to do that is to send a book to read or a movie/TV show to watch and discuss together. You could go all out and send materials (food, candles, music, etc.) for a date night that you’ll have via Skype.

Receiving Gifts

Technically the care package itself could fit this category, but let’s take it a step further. Add in special mementoes from any trips you take while he/she is gone, even if it’s somewhere as simple as the park. You can get little ones involved by having them collect leaves or shells from their travels. Buy them a new shirt just because it made you think of them. You could also make a coupon book that’s redeemable after homecoming.

Acts of Service

While it’s difficult to perform acts of service for someone when they aren’t present, you can still make this love language into a care package. Send notes or updates about tasks you’re completing around the house. It may feel like bragging at first, but knowing that their car has been taken care of or that the grass is being mowed consistently may fill their love tank more than anything else could!

Physical Touch

I’m paying special attention to this love language care package idea since it’s my husband’s primary love language. Physical touch seems like it would go out the window during a deployment, but it doesn’t have to. Sending pictures (or any reminder of you that’s tangible) or spritzing your perfume on a pillowcase/t-shirt are great ways to continue loving your spouse.  You can also send handwritten notes that say things like “I wish I could give you a hug right now” or “if you were home, I would rub your back to help you relax!”.

A love language care package is a great way to keep your spouse’s love tank full even when separated by distance. Have you ever sent one? What did you include?

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