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Dear New Military Spouse

Dear new military spouse,

First off, welcome to the club! You are now part of a diverse group of men and women from all different walks of life who do amazing things every day. Second, how are you feeling? Maybe a little overwhelmed? Excited? Scared? Flat out confused? All of that is 100% normal and something most of us feel on a regular basis no matter how long we’ve been married to the military.

You’re going to hear a lot of ideas and opinions from seasoned military spouses about how to survive in this crazy world. It’s completely up to you to choose what you advice you take and what advice you leave behind. It may begin to get a little overwhelming so I won’t give you advice today. Instead I’ll share a few of my hopes for you in this new role.

My hope is that you will make the most of this life. There are sure to be some ups and downs, which is just about the only thing that is certain in military life. Because you never know what will be around the next bend (or in the next set of orders), I hope that you embrace each new situation, smile when it’s raining and say “I love you” often.

My hope is that you will support and encourage your fellow military spouses. The unique challenges of being a military spouse should bring us together and we should take every opportunity to build each other up. Be a champion for your neighbor, celebrate each other’s accomplishments and act as an advocate for military spouses’ education and employment opportunities.

My hope is that you will educate civilians about the military lifestyle. We all have a responsibility as military spouses to educate others, dispel myths and be solid ambassadors for our group. You can do that by remaining authentic to who you are and speaking up when you hear misinformation. People can’t understand this lifestyle if we don’t teach them about it.

Being a new military spouse can be scary, overwhelming and nerve wracking, but it can also be wonderful and so much fun if you allow it to be. Head into this new stage of life full of hope and be open to the world of possibilities stretching out in front of you.

What advice would you give a new military spouse?

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