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Unique Mother’s Day Cards

Unique Mother's Day Cards

Every mother-child relationship is unique. For your entire life, there is no other relationship like yours. So when it comes time to celebrate your mom, would you really want to give her a generic card just like everyone else’s? Me neither. With just about a month to go, I did some digging and found some fantastic unique Mother’s Day cards to fit just about any mom!

I found all of these unique Mother’s Day cards on Etsy and really like the idea of supporting a small business as much as possible.


You knew that I wasn’t going to write this post and not include a dachshund card. You should be more surprised that I only shared one. I like animal-themed Mother’s Day cards because they’re so stinking cute, especially if they use an animal pun!


I know quite a few new and soon-to-be moms so these Mother’s Day cards stuck out. I like the ones that have a humorous spin to them because I am just guessing that motherhood is very much a “if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry” experience.


Speaking of funny, I love silly Mother’s Day cards, especially if that’s the kind of relationship you have with your mom.


And for those super nerdy mother-child relationships, I found some options for you too!


Not all moms have human children and I love that there are unique Mother’s Day cards just for them. I’m especially partial to the middle one because I feel like it’s 100% spot on accurate.

Do you have any sources for unique Mother’s Day cards? If so, share them in the comments!

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