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Ruger Is 2!

It’s not a good feeling when your dog calls you out on something, especially when he’s right. You see, Ruger turned two a few weeks ago while A and I were in Seattle/Vancouver and I may have missed wishing him happy birthday on social media. It wouldn’t have been a big deal, but B had to go running his mouth and talk all about what we normally do for his birthday and then all you know what broke out.


Siblings, am I right?

So to make it up to the golden eyed charmer, I promised him his very own blog post celebrating the big 2. He specifically asked that I include this sentence: Ruger is a delight to have in our home and he brings us endless amounts of joy and love on a daily basis and he’s really sorry for peeing on the carpet in the closet that one time.

Weight: 60-ish pounds.

Grade level: College for playing fetch. Kindergarten for listening and attention span.

Nicknames: Roogie, Roogie Boogie, Roogie Boogs, Roogs, Roog Boy, Roogerino, Roogmeister, Boogs, Rugelach and just about everything other than his name, unless he’s in trouble.

Favorite toys: anything he can chew on and tennis balls.

Favorite snack: dirt, lint, cheese sticks. To this day, he still can’t figure out how to eat a carrot.

Favorite activities: laying next to you, laying on you, laying half on you, sleeping upside down, fetch, carrying things in his mouth, modeling hats and dog sweaters, helping to take the trash out and putting laundry away.

Dislikes: traffic, the vacuum, sleeping on the floor like an animal, eating inside.

Ruger is absolutely ridiculous and is 24 hours of pure entertainment on a regular basis. He’s quirky to no end, but loves being with his people more than anything else in the world. Any bag of trash is fair game to be picked up and carried throughout the house. Same with almost anything else when he’s excited to see you.

He leaves white hair everywhere and puts dirty footprints all over my clean floor – I have to follow him everywhere with my steam cleaner (https://www.bissell.com/steam-and-hard-floor-cleaners/wet-dry-vacuums) – but I don’t know that I could imagine our life without him now. Happy 2nd birthday, buddy! Here’s to many more!

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