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Qualities Military Spouses Need

Qualities Military Spouses Need

I’m going to let you all in on a little secret: before I met A, I never ever pictured myself joining the ranks of military spouses. In fact, I was pretty dead set against it because I didn’t think I “had what it took”. Four-plus years later, I can say that very few people have everything they need to rock military spouse life before becoming one, but there are some must-have qualities for military spouses to be successful.

Military Spouses Need To Be…


While our spouses are meticulous at work, things tend to be very different at home. Military spouses have to be organized because things would literally fall apart if we weren’t. Try handling a PCS while your spouse is TDY or keeping track of everything during a deployment without checklists or an organizational system, I dare you.


You’ll often read that military spouses need to be independent, but I prefer the word bold because it implies an inherent risk taker. And no, I don’t mean all military spouses need to jump out of planes or take up rock climbing. What I mean is that military spouses need to face everything thrown at them head-on without getting knocked off course. They need to pursue their own dreams while moving every few years. They need to hold their family together even when members are gone for months at a time. They need to be bold.


The military throws a lot of curveballs: moves, deployments, random trainings and so on. With all of that unknown, it would be really easy to be a walking bundle of nerves. But military spouses need to be calm in the face of the unknown. We can’t get all worked up at every change of plans or every time our future seemed a bit uncertain, especially when we need to keep little ones calm as well.

…memory keepers.

One of the great things about the military is the many opportunities it gives you to see new places and make new memories. But someone has to keep track of all those moments, especially if not all members of the family are there for them. More often than not, that falls to military spouses. We need to record first steps, vacations, proms and everything in between.


More than anything else, military spouses need to be themselves. Our community is better off having the diversity each of us brings to the table.

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