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Open When Letter Ideas

Open When Letter Ideas

I’ve shared my love of open when letters before, having sent them with A a time or two. It’s the perfect way to cover all situations your loved one may encounter without sending a care package every single day.  You can send some with your loved one when he or she leaves and then add a few to each care package. Plus open when letter ideas can be easily customized to be from a group of people or other family members, including a child or even a pet.

I’ve used padded envelopes for some of my larger and more fragile open when letter ideas, but you could use almost any envelope you have around the house. Or fold all of your letters and skip the envelope altogether. And get creative with the contents: they don’t all need to be actual letters.

Open When Letter Ideas

Open when you can’t sleep: sleepy time teabag, a CD with soothing music, an eyemask.

Open when you’re homesick: a picture of home, leaves from a tree in your yard, a snack unique to your state.

Open when you miss me: pictures of you, a note and a spritz of your perfume.

Open when you’re feeling down: funny jokes, inspirational quotes, letters from family and friends.

Open when you’ve had a great day: confetti, of course! And a note of congratulations.

Open when you’ve had a bad day: send something to cheer them up.

Open on the day you leave: include a small photo of you in a note.

Open halfway through: you could send just half of a note or maybe a “you did it!” card.

Open when you’re coming home: send a list of all the things you can’t wait to do when he/she gets home.

Open when you need a laugh: jokes, silly pictures, a funny movie or a comic strip from back home.

Open when you need encouragement: an inspirational quote (or a series of them) to hang in his/her room.

Open when you really need a drink: send small booze flavored snacks.

Open on blank holiday/special occasion: small paper decorations for the holiday, a themed note or card.

Open when you need a breath of fresh air: an air freshener to hang in his/her room.

Open when you need a reminder of what you’re defending: photos and notes from family and friends.

Open when you need to hear my voice: a CD or thumb drive with a recorded message.

Open on blank day of the week: a small note for each day of the week.

Open for a surprise

Open when you need a little music in your life: a mix CD or even a cheesy musical card.

Open when you need an escape: include plans for your homecoming vacation as well as pictures of the destination.

Open when you’re feeling a little hangry: a small snack and a sweet note.

Open when you’re frustrated: a sheet of bubble wrap, a stress ball, a “hang in there” kitten poster.

Open when you need a hug: a tracing of your arms.

Open when you need a break: a Kit Kat, a mini book of crossword or word search puzzles.

What are your favorite open when letter ideas?

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