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Bedtime Care Package

Bedtime Care Package

Raise your hand if you sleep horribly when your spouse isn’t home. Yup, me too. I toss and turn endlessly every time A is gone and he doesn’t fare much better either. That mutual sleeplessness has led me to send him some sleep aids throughout his deployment and served as the inspiration for my new bedtime care package!

This is the first small flat rate care package I’ve offered in my shop and frankly I hope it takes off! These little guys are so fun and easy to make and fill that I hope more people send them.  Plus, they’re significantly cheaper to ship overseas (or even within the United States). Trust me, small flat rate boxes are where it’s at. I plan to send significantly more of them during A’s next deployment.

This bedtime care package is the perfect thing to send to your loved one if they’re having a hard time sleeping. It comes with a suggestion card with ideas for what to include, but the sky’s (or the moon’s) the limit with this one.

Bedtime Care Package

I knew from the very beginning that I wanted a dark night sky and twinkly starts for the design. And I got just that, adding in a friendly moon to complete the look. All of the elements are cut from sparkly card stock (that doesn’t shed glitter) and they are just so stinking cute.

My bedtime care package is available in my shop, ships for free and is less expensive than my full size care package designs.  Plus 10% of each purchase still goes to an organization that supports military families!

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