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Backyard Inspiration

Happy Friday, everyone! I have been looking forward to this long weekend for quite some time. It’s hard to stay inside in my office when the weather is so gorgeous. We’ve had dinner out on the deck a few days this week and started brainstorming some pretty massive improvements to the backyard. Luckily, Pinterest has a lot in terms of backyard inspiration and I’m pretty sure my plans have outgrown anything A could have imagined. I can’t stand watching people waste the amazing opportunities they have when it comes to designing their backyard exactly to their specification. You should find a landscaping company Charlottesville that can do this for you!

Our main focus is to maintain as much grass as possible for the dogs and still gain a little more flat space. We want to make most of the space we have, which isn’t huge, but can certainly fit everything we want. By removing some underperforming trees and shrubs, adding more grass and then building a concrete patio, we’ll make our little bit of land go quite a long way. I foresee a significant amount of measuring and graph paper in our future.

The good thing about us taking on this project is that we care about different aspects, thus ensuring a really good finished product! A is all about the landscaping, but I’m all about the entertaining/lounging areas. So while he’s pulling weeds and watering a trillion times a week, I’m dreaming of fire pits and tons of string lights. I have been reading tonnes of articles on backyard living, and how to maximize the space to create a beautiful outdoor entertainment area. When I entertain outdoors, I would like it to be a calm and relaxed atmosphere, and I think the way we’re heading it’s going to be just that.

But I mean, can you blame me? Look at those string lights! Not only are they pretty, but they’d be really functional as our backyard is a bit dark. I also love that round patio and fire pit, but think ours will likely end up being rectangular. I would like smaller scale furniture around it, but think it may end up being folding furniture for off-season storage. Of course, we will need a garden shed to store it all in, so thats on the list of improvements. If you need a garden shed, you can get sheds 12×16 by clicking on the link.

A is all about growing things (not weeds) in our yard. We’re going to make use of the space along our deck with one or two raised beds. I also really like the idea of growing herbs in planter boxes and just love those boxes hanging from the fence. And maybe instead of herbs, we grow lots of flowers.

I’ve also fallen in love with the idea of having a nice big tree in the back that can grow over time and become a nice place to sit in the shade in the summer. When it gets bigger we would have to look at something like the Greenleaf tree service to prune it and keep it healthy but it’ll be worth it.

Once we clear the grill and storage container off our deck, we’ll have room for a nice dining set. It will be a change not to have to eat off of our camping table! I’m torn between the more classic picnic table look versus more traditional teak garden furniture with cushioned chairs. I’m leaning more towards the picnic table as I like the style of the outdoor picnic table benches. Comfort-level is a major factor as is the abundance of stinking cute pillows that could go on the chairs. Is it wrong to pick out furniture based on the accessory potential?

No matter what kind of table we choose, we will want one that accommodates a large umbrella. Our backyard gets full sun during the day so we need some shade if we’re going to make use of the space prior to dusk. I really like the grey and white stripes of the one above. It will look so pretty against our blue house!

Now, I have no idea when we’ll get all these projects done, but I have promised that this is the year we buy patio furniture so perhaps that purchase will push us along a bit. What do you think of my backyard inspiration? Also, how much work is a small backyard garden (for those of us who aren’t yard work people)?

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