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Thriving During Deployment: The Last 30 Days

You did it! You got through the first 30 days of deployment and then the days that followed. You set your deployment goals and you crushed them. And now you’re almost done with deployment! Homecoming is a month away, so close you can almost feel that first hug. But somehow those thirty days seem to be never ending, stretching out almost longer than the past few months. How will you ever survive the last 30 days of deployment?

First, remember that the month will end and you will get your loved one back. It may seem endless, but the finish line is in sight.  You have come this far and are even stronger than when you started, so the next four weeks will not break you.

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Next, make some plans! Start picking out your homecoming outfit, think about what your sign will say and maybe even allow yourself to plan a date night or two, or even a homecoming vacation! But don’t feel like you need to have everything absolutely 100% spot-on perfect. As much time and attention as you put into your outfit or the amazing sign you’ll likely fling behind you when it’s hug time, the only thing your loved one will be focused on is YOU. You could show up in PJs and have nothing but your keys in hand and they would be just as excited to see you.

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Then you need to celebrate! While celebrating may seem like what you should do AFTER the last 30 days (and it totally is!), I also think it should be something you do DURING them.  You have carried a lot during the deployment: the fear and loneliness that come with it, loving them long distance and all of the logistical stuff your loved one normally takes care of, plus any of your own commitments. That’s a lot, y’all! So take some time to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished in the previous months.

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Lastly, do something selfish. I know that sounds weird, but pretty soon your entire world will be different. Your focus will be even more centered on your relationship and your loved one. All of that you time you had during deployment? Yeah, it may no longer be a thing. So in the last month of deployment, get a massage, sleep until noon and binge watch Netflix, have cake for dinner, treat yourself to new shoes. Do something for you.

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The days will never speed up (if only that were a thing!), but they will pass and your family and heart will be complete again. You’ve thrived throughout the entire deployment, don’t forget to make the most of the last 30 days.

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