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Fitting It All In: How I Find Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance. We all hear about it constantly. People make entire careers out of teaching other people how to achieve and maintain it. Some of us (cough military spouses cough) view it the same way we would a unicorn: pretty, but we’re pretty sure it’s imaginary. But when you manage a full-time job, a side hustle, a household and any sort of personal life, you kind of feel like you have to find it somewhere, right? Managing all of this can be difficult, but it’s all worth it. After seeing one of my friends invest in a cryptocurrency the other day, I decided to have a look into getting a side hustle myself. They are often extremely beneficial as they don’t take too long to manage and they have the potential to make people quite a bit of money in the future. My friend invested in Bitcoin and is currently learning all about how to earn interest on your crypto. She’s hoping to make quite a bit of money on that at some point. Life is all about managing your time and prioritizing what is important to you. Make sure that you are doing what you can for your own peace of mind and if your side hustle drives you forward, let it! If you do decide to go the crypto route (which so many have) then it is very important that you do your research first and learn more about how it can help you, so check it out here if you would like.

Here’s a normal day in my life: wake up at 6 am, take care of the dogs, get ready for work, be at work by 8:30, work a full day, pick up B, return home around 4:30, let Ruger out, work for another hour or so at home, welcome A home, start dinner, feed dogs, eat dinner around 6:30 or so, clean up after dinner, tidy up the house, work on the blog/fill orders for about an hour, get into bed at 8:30 and work for an additional 1.5 hours or so before falling asleep. Repeat 5 days a week and spend the weekend catching up on everything that you missed out on during the week.

Why did I write the world’s longest run-on sentence? Essentially to say this: I do not have the work-life balance thing figured out perfectly. My house is never as clean as I would like it to be. I don’t always make it to the gym. The dogs never get enough play time. I probably should ask my husband more questions about his day.

I do not have work-life balance figured out. But I'm trying. I'm always trying. Click To Tweet

So how do I find work-life balance? Some days I just flat out don’t. Just like some days I don’t get the recommended serving of veggies. But other days, I feel like I do much better (like last night when I had zoodles for dinner). Here’s what I do differently on those days.

Make a to-do list (or 3) and stick to it.

Personally I thrive on lists. I make them for everything: my day job, Countdowns and Cupcakes, my personal life, etc. (Ha! I just made a list of lists!) But what’s more important for me than making a list is sticking to the list. Now, I am not saying that I have zero flexibility, but I don’t allow myself to get caught up in huge projects that aren’t on my list. It helps me avoid constantly pushing things to the next day because I’m getting distracted.

Make time for your side-hustle.

Your side-hustle might be the thing that you really enjoy, so it makes sense to put time and effort into it, especially if you want it to be your full-time job one day. For example, you might sell transport assets in your spare time to make a bit of extra cash, but if you put enough time in, you might end up making more money out of it than your actual job. This can make investing in a side-hustle totally worth it, so whether you attend auctions or you bake cakes, it’s important to make time for the things you love.

Block schedule my day (or week).

The best way for me to stick to a to-do list is to block schedule my day and week. For example, I work on my blog from 1-4 on Sundays, fill orders from 5-7 on Tuesdays and have date night with my husband every Friday from 7-9. By blocking out time for specific tasks, I stay focused and chip away at my to-do list.

Accept that not everything will get done.

The best laid plans, right? No matter how carefully I plan my day or how much I hustle, some things will have to get moved to the next day. I can’t beat myself up about it or let it diminish all I got done. I also have to recognize when I’ve reached the point of diminishing returns. After a certain point in my day, I no longer have a whole lot of creative energy left. That’s when I need to shut the computer and turn my attention to something else entirely. This brings me to some advice on side hustles. I didn’t know much about side hustles however I was recently speaking to a friend who earns a lot of money from hers. She was telling me about a blue sky amazon Sophie Howard course and it sounded like a great way to learn about Amazon FBA. If you don’t know much about side hustles, Amazon is a great company to get involved in. It’s not impossible to fit a side hustle into a busy schedule when you need to top up your income or you want to chase a dream, but try to make sure it’s the kind of project that doesn’t need your full attention. For example, one of my friends decided to purchase a second property not too long ago. She now rents it out, giving herself a steady income every month. She made sure to read one of the Roofstock guides on investing in real estate beforehand, just to make sure she was fully prepared for this side hustle. Whilst this seems to be working for her, I don’t think it’s for me. Perhaps something more like listing old belongings on an e-commerce site like LeoList is more for us. It’s pretty passive, as once you’ve done the initial set up the selling takes care of itself. You’ll find that you burn out quickly if it relies on daily interaction from you. Many people looking to make money on the side have found that investing has resulted in some pretty impressive returns, especially for those who decided to delve into cryptocurrencies. Those looking to make enviable profits with minimal effort by going down this route may want to take a look at BitQT Erfahrungen to get started learning.

Make time for myself and my relationship.

Usually when I’ve reached my creative limit, I look to recharge with some me time. It’s so incredibly important for me to have a few moments for myself, even if it’s just a few extra minutes in the car scrolling through Instagram. Quality moments with A are equally important. For us, it’s as simple as no electronics and lots of conversation at dinner.

How do you balance all the daily demands of work and life?

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