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Care Package Decor: Where To Find It & How to Save Money

It’s no secret that I love decorating care packages. But what I don’t love is hitting up multiple stores and spending a bunch of money in order to get the look I want. Over the course of a few deployments (and some serious trial and error), I’ve gathered a few go-to places for affordable care package decor.

Scrapbook paper:

Michaels and A.C. Moore are definitely my go-to spots for care package decor paper.  They always have fantastic coupons that can help you save a significant amount, especially if you plan your care packages in advance and buy paper in bulk.

Can’t find what you need at a store? Scrapbook.com has loads of options. They are a bit more expensive than Michaels or A.C. Moore and you’ll have to pay for shipping, but it’s a great option for really unique paper.

A note about purchasing paper: you’ll need at least 3 pieces for each box (more if you choose to line the inside).  Most craft stores sell paper as single sheets (for 0.69-0.99 each) or paper packs for a variety of pieces. If you’re planning multiple care packages in a similar color scheme, multi-sheet paper packs may be a great cost and time saver.

Decorations (stickers, cut out shapes, etc.):

Once again, craft stores are great sources for these items, but they can get pricey very quickly! Consider shopping for supplies AFTER their seasonal peak. For example, oftentimes Christmas stickers are less than half price the week after the holiday. Take advantage of those sales and use your coupons!

Another option is to make the long-term investment of purchasing a Cricut or Silhouette and using them to cut out letters and embellishments.  I cannot gush enough about how much I love my Silhouette and the vast improvement in my care packages since I got it.  Plus it’s nice knowing that I can make my decorations exactly the right size and not have to worry about finding stickers that fit.

My biggest tip for finding and saving money on care package decor is to think outside the box. Places like Target’s Dollar Spot or the Dollar Store offer seasonal or themed items that you can incorporate into your care package decor. You never know when you’ll find just the right item, so shop early in order to avoid that last minute purchasing panic (and the overspending that results from it).

Where do you find your care package decor?

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