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B’s Favorite Day of the Year (So Far)

As excited as I was to have A come home, I think my excitement paled in comparison to the four-legged members of our family. I’ve let B take over the blog today to share some of his favorite homecoming moments. 

Happy Friday to my peeps! I’m really excited that Rachel let me take over the blog today to tell you about my favorite day of the year.

You see, A and I have a really special relationship. He calls me Wigs and I like to lick his hair. And face. And inside his ears. Basically I do all the licking. So you can probably imagine just how excited I was when Rachel brought him home one night!

I wasn’t really sure where he’d gone, but he didn’t smell like any other dogs, so I was willing to forgive him for being gone for so long.  Roogie and I barked and jumped up and down and both tried to climb into his lap at the same time.

His favorite part was definitely our t-shirts that Rachel helped us make. Mine was a little big, but I need the extra room for my massive wiener dog guns.  

Even though I love Rachel with all my heart, it’s nice having A home.  He always drops crumbs when he makes dinner and likes to give me a little bit of bacon when he cooks it. Roogie and I have snuggled with him and licked him every chance we get.

We just love having him home!

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