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Valentine’s Day Care Package

Valentine's Day Care Package

Oh my heavens, I have been waiting for what seems like FOREVER to share this Valentine’s Day care package with y’all. After a delay in A getting my New Years Eve box, I wanted to make sure he got this in plenty of time so I sent it very early. And then waited. And waited. And waited some more. But he finally got it (and loved it) so now I can share it!

The challenge with owning a care package shop is making sure that anything I send A is unique and different. When I set about designing this Valentine’s Day care package, I knew that I wanted to mix things up so that it looked nothing like the care package I had for sale.

I opted to do that by using plain paper as the flaps and patterned paper for the text. And oh my word, I love that combination so much! Expect to see this in the shop sometime in the future because the words pop so much! The tiny hearts add a little extra love to the words and helped keep the pink to a minimum.

Valentine's Day Care Package

Another unique aspect is that this care package never references Valentine’s Day, although that’s what it’s for. I referenced love in other ways, including the cutest beat skipping EKG I’ve ever seen. It was also a giant pain in the butt to glue down, but A’s worth it.  But what I truly love is the “love you” on the bottom of the box. I had to work a little pink in there somehow!

I also loved the little red hearts on the interior sides. I always cover them, but don’t normally decorate the inside. But this box needed them!

Valentine's Day Care Package

Then to add another layer of uniqueness to this box I wrapped everything in rather un-Valentine’s Day paper. I scored this at HomeGoods for about $4 and knew that I wanted to use it for this box. The pink, orange and black dots were super cute, but not necessarily holiday themed which was perfect.

Valentine's Day Care Package

This was the last big box of A’s deployment (I hope) so I filled it to the brim with as many of his favorite snacks as possible. Salt and pepper cashews, shortbread cookies, Nutella and beef jerky all found their way in here.

I’d like to think I’ve really stepped up my care package game during this deployment and am so pleased with how this one came out.

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