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SWAK: Kiss Kit Hits The Shelves

Kiss Kit

In a way, a deployment homecoming is a lot like a first date. There are all the same nerves, butterflies and excitement. Plus there’s a decent chance the person you meet doesn’t look 100% like you remember. And you get all the same jitters when it comes to your (second) first kiss. That’s why my new Kiss Kit is the perfect thing to send in your last care package!

As your loved one travels home, they’ll be able to use the contents to make sure they’re 100% kissable when reunited with you! The small size of the bag and its contents make it easily transportable, especially if space is limited in luggage.

Each bag is hand stamped (both front and back) with bright red kissing lips, making sure there’s no doubt about what it’s for. I selected all of the contents based on what I would actually send my husband. In fact I did send most of these things in his last care package, which you’ll see later this week. There is still a bit of room in each bag so you could add in another item or two if you would like.

In addition to the essentially toiletries, each Kiss Kit comes with a miniature note care and envelope. You can use it to write a little note to your loved one – the level of sassiness of the note is up to you. I would highly recommend slapping on some bright lipstick and sealing your note with a kiss (and maybe a spritz of perfume).

Kiss Kit

This is my first filled care package and I definitely see more of these coming to the shop in the future! You can shop this fun care package addition now-they ship quickly and 10% of your purchase goes to an organization that supports military families.

Military spouses get the added perk of multiple first kisses throughout their life. That first kiss after homecoming can be just as anticipated as the first one in a relationship. This Kiss Kit will help your loved one be minty fresh, no matter how far they’ve traveled.

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