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Stock Image Sites for Military Spouse Bloggers

Happy Monday, everyone! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that I had the best weekend ever because drum roll please…my husband came home!!! That’s right, our deployment is over and I could not be happier! I’ll share more about homecoming in a few weeks, but today I’m excited to share a round up of some great stock photo sites for military spouse bloggers.

Normally, the photos you see on the blog are mine, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. Maybe the lighting sucked that weekend or I flat out didn’t have time to take any new photos. In those instances, I turn to free stock photos sites for my images.

However, when mixing stock images in with original photos, you need to keep the styles and subject matter similar to your pictures. For example, I tend to use my kitchen table as the background for most of my flat lays. The rustic wood tones are something I like and in order to keep things looking cohesive, I try to find similar wood tones in stock images.

Stock photo sites for military spouse bloggers:

  • Pixabay: everything is royalty free and you can use them without a subscription. I search “patriotic” and “military” when in need of a photo.
  • Stocksnap.io: no attribution is required for these. They have a lot of really good images of couples if you search “love”.
  • Unsplash: there are lots of great flag photos under the “patriotic” tag.
  • MMT Stock: a great place to go for desk and nature shots.

While not necessarily free, Canva also has quite a few great options for military spouse bloggers. What sites do you go to for your stock photos?

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