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Loving Lately February 2017

Here we are…the last day of February! The first two months of the year have flown by, which was great since A was gone. But now that he’s home, time can definitely slow down a little bit. I am so excited to do all the things together and am loving having my little family back together again.

Other loves this  month include the prettiest flowers from the grocery store, driving around town with all the windows down, the gorgeous weather and those precious extra minutes of daylight.

Some posts I’ve loved the past few months:

Jen is getting ready to PCS and she has some fantastic tips for moving that aren’t limited to just military families.

How going back to basics can help your blog via The Blog Market.

I so want to make these beer brownies for A.

I always love supporting veteran-owned businesses and New Man Revolution allows you to do that while keeping your man smelling good. More from Kara here.

Chelsea realized her argument with her husband was more about different definitions of something than everything else. Do different definitions cause conflict in your relationship?

In case you missed it, I loved sharing my Valentine’s Day and North Carolina care packages this month.

Hope you all have a fantastic end to your month today! See you in March!

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