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Five Things You Don’t Know About B

In an effort to keep B’s massive ego in check, I’ve limited him to just one blog post a month. The downside to that is he has a whole lot more to say because he saves it all up. I take no responsibility for the words coming from his paws.

What’s the happy haps, peeps? It’s been a really long time since I’ve exercised my blogging chops. Too long in my opinion. I don’t understand why I’m not a more regular contributor around here. It’s clear that I’m the most talented member of this family. I’m not sure if you knew that about me, but it’s true. Ask anyone, they’ll tell you.

Please don’t do that. No one will tell you that. I had to teach him how to go down the stairs, one stair at a time. Clearly I’m going to need to fact check the rest of his blog post. 

Since my mom keeps me hidden from the spotlight I truly deserve, I bet you all don’t know some really important things about me.

Important thing #1: I am always hungry. Even if my mom has just given me dinner, I am ready to eat again. I am literally always ready to eat. My food, Ruger’s food, my mom’s food, food that’s not even real food. I will eat it all.

This is 100% accurate. 

Important thing #2: I am literally the only one in the house who is worth a darn when it comes to protection. If it weren’t for me, we would get attacked 100 times a day. I’m really the bravest one in the family.

B was once startled by a leaf skittering across the sidewalk. 

Important thing #3: I love being outside! The sunshine on my fur, all the smells in my nose…it’s amazing. I would live outside if I could.

Unless it’s windy. Or raining. Or too cold. Then he refuses to leave the house and just holds it until the weather improves. 

Important thing #4: The last naughty thing I did was drinking my mom’s water without her knowing about it.


Important thing #5: Sometimes I do bad things and blame them on Roogie. Mom falls for it every time! I sure hope she never reads this.

Somehow I am not surprised by this at all. 

I’m glad I got to share a few things about me. I know that fans always love when celebrities share more of their personal life.

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