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Feeling Uneasy

I had another post planned for today; one that I will share another day. But I just couldn’t today. I pride myself on staying upbeat, positive and completely neutral on this blog, but it’s hard to write cheery posts when you have a knot in your stomach. You see, I (along with many fellow Americans) feel exceptionally uneasy about the direction this country is headed.

I will not talk politics on this blog because I want everyone to feel welcome here, regardless of which box you check on election day. But if this blog is going to be a true reflection of my life, I can’t ignore the things that keep me up at night.

I know I’d feel this way no matter who won the election, because the entire campaign was one of the most divisive, ugly and sometimes downright hateful things I’d ever witnessed. I know I’d feel this way no matter who won the election, because I was uneasy in the voting both. And that uneasiness has not gone away.

I feel uneasy not just because of who’s in the White House, but because of the animosity that’s spreading between the people outside the White House.  I am probably a bit of an idealist, but I have always believed the strength of this country lies with the collective whole, not single individuals. But we are more divided than ever, weakening us to the point where I don’t even recognize our country sometimes.  When people are this angry and have such wildly different ideas of which path the country should take, compromise seems impossible.

My husband is away defending this nation and all that it stands for, but every day it seems as if those ideals are being chipped away.  Every day, it seems as if we’ve forgotten how to be decent to each other. When did that happen? Was it all at once or little by little?

And most importantly, how do we fix this? I wish I had answers, but I don’t. I’m not sure any one of us does, at least not alone. I do know that ridiculing, belittling and mocking others isn’t the way to get it done. “Funny” Facebook memes about either side isn’t going to help in the long run. Violence won’t either.

Perhaps the answer is the very thing I try to do on this blog every day: offering cheer. Spreading goodwill and treating others how you want to be treated. Defending those who don’t have a voice. Protecting those who are hurt or sick or afraid. Welcoming others who are different than you and appreciating those differences. Being kind to each other. 

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