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Favorite Netflix Standup Comedy Specials

My ability to fall asleep during deployment is spotty on a good day and downright nonexistent on a bad day. The one thing that really works (besides sticking to a standard early bedtime) is having white noise. For me that is almost always a comedy special on Netflix. They aren’t scary or dramatic, I don’t get terribly caught up in the story lines and there isn’t “just one more episode” to watch and I’m awful when it comes to watching “one” more episode. I could watch some trashy TV show on normal television, though Netflix is more popular nowadays (going by statistics, In Latin America in 2018, 55.39 percent have a pay TV services). I know that when my friend and I decided to watch a series of a show together it was hard not to rush ahead to the next episode before she had finished the episode! Her internet was terrible so the show kept buffering for her, meaning it took longer for her to finish. She eventually found a better broadband deal after using USave so she was able to keep up but I really struggled! So this habit to watch just “one” more episode means I can’t use TV shows as my white noise leaving me looking for a good comedy show to watch.

This particular deployment has involved A LOT of Netflix comedy specials and I’ve found a few go-to favorites that are both genuinely entertaining and relax me enough to go to sleep. I tend to favor cleaner comics, although only Jim Gaffigan is really family friendly.

John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid

I’ll be honest, I didn’t love John Mulaney’s first special so I was hesitant about this one. After watching it though, I am willing to admit I was dead wrong! It’s hilarious! His thoughts on House Hunters and meeting Bill Clinton were definitely my favorite parts. Plus his French bulldog Petunia makes an appearance and she’s precious.

Iliza Shlesinger: Freezing Hot

Oh my word, y’all. The first time I watched this, I laughed so hard that I actually woke up B. He was mad, but I couldn’t help it! This is laugh out loud funny because it’s so darn relatable. She nails so much of a woman’s inconsistencies that you can’t help but find something that applies to you. P.S. mine was the at home clothes. Spot on.

Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe

I will love just about anything Jim Gaffigan puts out, but this one is my favorite. I love his funny third party voices and just complete acceptance of his laziness. Plus who doesn’t love a good food joke?

Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive

Here’s another special that is so funny because it’s so darn relatable. His commentary on dating in the 21st century is something we all understand and are guilty of at one point or another. I love the way he interacts with the crowd as well.

Kathleen Madigan: Bothering Jesus

Kathleen Madigan is another comic who I always find funny, but her newest special is one of my favorites. I love her impressions of her parents and their antics. Her bit about the missing Malaysian flight is one of my favorites.

Do you have any favorite comedy specials to recommend? I’m always looking for more!

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