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Sport T-Shirt Pillow DIY

T-shirt Pillow DIY

Who here has way too many t-shirts?! Yup, me too. I recently cleaned out my closet and had *baskets* of shirts. Even if I wore one every day of the week, I probably still couldn’t fit them all in within a few months. A lot of them went to Goodwill, some went in the trash and then a smaller number went in the sentimental keepsakes pile. I just couldn’t stand to part with the ones that had the most memories wrapped up in them, but needed to turn them into something functional. I had a browse on the internet and found quite a few options such as t shirt blankets and framed t-shirts, but I wanted to try something that I knew none of my friends had attempted before! And that is how this t-shirt pillow DIY was born!

I am not a talented seamstress by any stretch of the imagination so I wanted to keep this t-shirt pillow DIY as simple as possible. Luckily, a t-shirt is already partially ready to become a pillow! With a few added seams, a little cutting, some iron-on Velcro and the help of my sweet mother, I turned six t-shirts into six pillows in an afternoon.

T-shirt Pillow DIY

Our upstairs loft has quickly turned into a bit of a sports memorabilia room so I used some of my favorite sport shirts for this project. I opted to purchase pillow forms from a craft store, but you could certainly use old pillows in need of recovering or standard cotton batting as well.

It was really important to me that I be able to throw these pillow covers in the wash since everything in my house gets pretty heavily Rugered. With limited sewing skills, I opted for iron-on Velcro and a few knots. But if you are more talented, a zipper or buttons would work perfectly!

The actual process of this t-shirt pillow DIY could not be easier; I’ve outlined it in this graphic.

T-shirt Pillow DIY

This t-shirt pillow project was one of my deployment goals and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! They add a ton of color to our sports loft and gave some very loved shirts new life!

You could also do this with race t-shirts, kids’ t-shirts or even team jerseys.

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