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Resolution Care Package

Resolution Care Package

How are you doing on your resolutions for 2017? If you’re anything like me, you’re trying your very best, but habits are hard to change. And if it’s hard for us, imagine how hard resolutions are to keep while you’re deployed! Between crazy schedules and being in foreign countries, the odds are kind of stacked against success. That thought got me brainstorming about what a resolution care package would look like and contain.

There are as many resolutions as there are people out there, but a few seem to be the most popular, both with those of us stateside and our deployed troops.

If their resolution is to get more organized…

This one is actually inspired by my husband who has vowed he’ll get better at “admin stuff” in 2017. If I were sending him a resolution care package, I would definitely include a planner (with important dates already marked). Other items would be a to-do list pad, some multi-color pens, Post-Its and highlighters. By including these items, this resolution care package is making it as easy as possible to stay organized. Of course, that is a tall task for my husband.

If their resolution is to get in better shape…

This resolution care package would probably look very similar to a fitness care package. You could send all the usuals: protein powder, Gatorade, fitness magazines, protein bars, healthy snacks and workout clothes. Other things to include would be encouraging notes, a new activity tracker, headphones and some new tunes or book on tape. Help them make working out fun and less of a chore!

If their resolution is to save money…

Folks can save a significant amount of money during deployment, but how do you keep that going after homecoming? Send them a resolution care package with a money jar in it of course! They’ll commit to putting a certain amount of money into the jar at regular intervals. Other things you could send are a jar full of cheap date night ideas, a budget-conscious cookbook and some visuals of what you’ll do with the money.

Would a resolution care package help you keep any of your 2017 resolutions? What would be in it?

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