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Military Commissaries and Special Olympics: The Perfect Team

Disclaimer: I don’t generally talk about my day job here on the blog, but this is one of those exceptions to the rule. It’s the perfect overlap between my life as a military spouse and my life as a member of the Special Olympics movement. 

Teamwork. I think anyone associated with the military can probably give you a few examples of it. Whether it’s military personnel working together during an operation or military spouses helping each other at home, we’re good at teamwork. So if we could team up to benefit a fantastic charity, why wouldn’t we jump at the chance?

For 37 years, Procter and Gamble (P&G) has supported Special Olympics athletes and they want to continue that tradition, but need our help. Through January 29, military commissary customers have the opportunity to give back to Special Olympics, just by purchasing P&G products.

It’s a win-win promotion! For every 5 P&G products you purchase, you’ll receive $5 off your total bill. The more you buy, the more you save AND the more Special Olympics in your state gets of P&G’s $75,000 total donation. A list of participating commissaries is available online.

I cannot think of a better partnership or a better example of teamwork than the two communities I love supporting each other. Special Olympics changes the lives of people with intellectual disabilities through the transformative power of sport and I believe so strongly in that mission. Please consider supporting the P&G campaign during the month of January!

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