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I’m going to try re-instituting this monthly recap post because there is just so much goodness out there in the blog world!

My post about deployment myths was my most popular post this month. I’m glad so many people related to it.

Hey Fixer Upper fans: how to use shiplap in every room of your house. My poor husband’s honey-do list just got a bit longer.

Speaking of which, I love this tutorial for DIY cased openings. This is something that’s definitely happening!

Random thought of the month: If I had more disposable income, I guarantee you that I would spend an astonishingly large amount of money on TV infomercial products.

I shared this on Twitter earlier, but it’s so spot on that I had to share it again here: A letter from a soldier’s wife to Mr. President.

One of my fellow milspouses, Fran is now selling WordPress themes and they are gorgeous! Definitely check her out if you’re interested in a new look!

Two weekends ago, I got my zoodle on and made this recipe for dinner. It was amazing and I absolutely loved it, so much so that I plan to make it again this week. Leave your favorite zoodle recipe for me in the comments!

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