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Happy Friday! I hope everyone has something fun planned for this long weekend; my hope is to tackle my office closet. At my old office we had a plastic baler to remove all the office waste so this is something I had to consider before I even got started on the decor. There are so many things that need to be sorted out before you create a home office!! Outside of just making it look organized since I will be spending a lot more time at home, I will have to think more about the bills. Maybe it is time to have my furnace serviced by experts similar to In Phase Electric and Air (more info) so I know I won’t be driving my utility bills through the roof by working from home. After that is thought through I have to actually deal with all the random stuff and it’s long past time that I go through things and purge as much as possible. Why you ask?

Well I have big plans for that closet (and the rest of the room)! Ideally, I would love to be done with my office space by the end of 2017, but with such high hopes for it, I’m aware it may take a bit longer. Luckily my husband is fairly handy and willing to take on projects for me. Unfortunately for him, Pinterest offers me endless inspiration and I believe the sky’s the limit. The most important thing to do when you’re planning a home office is to clear the space you’ll need. If you’re based in Australia you could use this long term storage company to help you.

I’m actually lucky that I have the option to find a suitable office space in my home, as I know that some people just don’t have the room. All I have to think about is clearing my designated room, and styling it however I want to. But imagine having to find somewhere first? It’s unfathomable to me. My friend went through this. She really wanted a home office, but all of her rooms were already occupied, so ended up having to look at these modern sheds for sale to see if they could be converted into a nice little office space in her backyard. In fact, it’s just been completed, and I’m actually very jealous of how it’s turned out, as well as being away from the noise of her main home. I guess this is always an option if I’m not productive enough in my own office. Maybe I could nick some design ideas from her in the meantime?

Before I show you the current (embarrassing) state of my office or my Pinspiration, I wanted to share the ultimate inspiration for my office: this above print. I found it at PaperSource a while ago (even before we had moved in) and knew that I wanted in my future office. The colors are so happy and vibrant and I know I’ll be able to find lots of fun coordinating pieces. Plus I really love the hints of gold. It is so easy now to create the home office of your choice, with places like office monster offering the largest ranges of office supplies to help you to do this.

Alright, on to the office space itself. Currently, all the walls are builder’s grade beige, but I do want to paint them for the finished space. I’m currently torn between a soft gray and a white (you’ll see why in a minute).

This is the view of the room as soon as you walk in. A little sad right now, I recognize that. But it won’t stay that way forever! The folding work table and counter stool will stay in the room even after the redesign, but I would like the table to go lengthwise along the wall. It will slightly block the bathroom door on the very right hand side of the photo, but because it folds and has wheels, I’m ok with it.

The window needs some sort of treatment so it feels finished, but I don’t want to add anything that will reduce the amount of light it lets in. This room is one of the darker ones in the house, so I want to maximize any natural light it gets. Currently I’m leaning towards adding farmhouse window trim and calling it done.

To fill that large blank wall, I want to add a pegboard to store all the little, frequently used supplies that take up a ton of work space. I love that the configuration can change as my storage needs change and still keeps everything right at my finger tips. I may trim it out with moulding so that it looks a bit more finished.

The adjoining wall will get probably the biggest makeover, thanks to my husband. All of the storage pieces will go as will the makeshift table that’s currently housing my printer and Silhouette. I think I’ll probably get rid of the orange striped rug, I’ve had it for a while now and it’s looking a bit tired now. I’ve been looking on a German website and they have some fantastic rugs (also known as Teppich bij Top Teppiche!), but I haven’t ordered one yet. I’m not sure whether to go for a similar pattern or buy something completely different. I’m not in a rush to make a decision though!

We will install white shiplap along this entire wall. I think it will really brighten up the space and give it the rustic feel that I want. But this is where I hesitate to paint everything a light gray and throw white into the realm of possibility. I’m a very visual person and like having examples to base my decisions off of; more Pinteresting seems to be in order.

The second piece of this wall will be a reclaimed door work table, also courtesy of my husband. We already own the perfect door, but have yet to figure out the design and installation. I like this version with legs quite a bit, but would want it to be counter height so I can use it standing.

I’m currently debating adding art or another peg board above the door table, but also love the idea of letting the shiplap shine!

The next wall is where I’m less sure of what’s going to happen. I definitely want to do a mixture of art and shelves, but I can’t decide if I want to keep the desk or not. I love my desk chair and would likely keep it even if the desk goes.

The only way I would consider keeping the desk if I refinished it. I originally thought white, but then I saw this brightly painted desk and it stopped me in my tracks.

As gorgeous as this is, I don’t know if my current desk is really paintable and if I even really need one. Currently, it mostly serves as a catch-all space (which I want to minimize) so I may let it go. Plus, a lot of times, I just tend to throw paper and unread documents in there, which is no use to anyone. A friend of mine did recommend that I should check out sites like http://www.filecenterdms.com to look into paperless document options. This would mean that I can get rid of the desk but still be able to keep all my papers organized in a way that is easy to understand.

Last, but not least, is the closet. As I mentioned before, it’s filled with all kinds of junk right now, but eventually I want it to hold all of my craft and business supplies. That reduces the visual clutter in the rest of the office and improves my sanity when I’m looking for a specific roll of washi tape.

And this is my dream craft closet! I love how perfectly organized everything is and how pretty it all looks!

As it is currently, my closet won’t work for this set up because the sliding doors. I want to replace them with French doors, but add a fun twist with see-through French doors! And yes, I know it seems a little scary, but being able to constantly see everything in the closet will help me keep it tidy. I really like the frosted glass in the below photo so it offers a little privacy.

So there you have it! My dream office inspiration. We have quite the list of projects ahead of us, but I’m hoping that by the end of the year, we can check this room off the list. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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