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Deployment Goal Progress

Warning to my fellow bloggers: the problem with sharing goals on a blog is that you have to totally fess up when you don’t achieve them! Even though I have a bit of time until my husband returns from deployment, I thought it would be fun to check in on how I’m doing!

Deployment Goals Progress

  1. Exercise 4 times a week: Right off the bat, we have a bit of letdown. I had zero consistency in working out before the holidays. And by “zero consistency” I mean that I basically never did it. Ok. I never did it. I really have stepped up my game since the new year, but I can’t give myself full credit for that.
  2. Paint the entryway: This one is a big ol’ check! My mom and I tackled this project a few weekends ago and are going to finish touch-ups this weekend. I can’t wait to share how gorgeous it is with everyone, including A!
  3. Finish unpacking the master bedroom and front bedroom: We’re sitting at about 50% on this one. While the master bedroom is completely unpacked, the front bedroom (AKA the catch all) is not even close to being done. Read: Rachel hasn’t started it at all. I still hope to get it done before homecoming!
  4. DIY project for loft: Success! I shared my t-shirt pillow DIY on Tuesday and am so happy with them!
  5. Start work on my office: Hm. Does pulling together all of your Pinterest inspiration count as “starting” work on something? Because if not, then I don’t think I can say I’ve succeeded in this one. The office is currently functional, but not anywhere close to where I want it to be.
  6. Launch my business and make my first sale: This was by far my biggest deployment goal and I am so happy to say I’ve accomplished this, and then some!

Wow! I have accomplished so much in the past few months! Sharing an update on my deployment goals has totally inspired me to kick butt for the rest of the time my husband is gone and get everything checked off the list.

What goal (big or small) have you accomplished lately?

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