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Twelve Anytime Care Package Ideas

I have a pretty large confession to share with y’all today. Are you ready? I am a care package idea hoarder. It doesn’t matter if A is home, deployed or somewhere in between; I am constantly saving care package ideas. Now while this wreaks havoc on my Pinterest account, it actually works in your benefit because I get to share these care package ideas with you.

I always find myself with an abundance of holiday care package ideas, but it’s the in-between care packages that are harder. So here are 12 anytime care packages, enough to get you through the entire year!

  1. I oFISHally miss you: you can include Swedish Fish, Goldfish, clam chowder in a can, tuna packets, gummy worms, Go Fish playing cards and Finding Nemo. Decorate with blue paper and cut out fish, seaweed and other marine life.
  2. No one loves you s’more than me: you can include S’mores Pop-Tarts, Quaker chewy s’mores, Starbucks s’mores frappucino, Planters s’mores & nut blend and Goldfish graham s’mores. Decorate with cut out chocolate bars, marshmallows and graham crackers, maybe even a campfire!
  3. You’re my swolmate: you can include protein powder, protein bars, fitness magazine, Gatorade, water bottle, gym wear, pain reliever and Icy Hot patches. Decorate with cut out muscle arms and dumbbells.
  4. Pinking of you: you can include pink razors, pink nail polish, Sno-balls, Bubble Yum gum, Crystal light, body lotion, pink loofa, scented body wash and perfume. Decorate with pink paper and pink letters. Wrap everything you send in pink wrapping paper too!
  5. You are my sunshine: you can include Cheerios, Lipton tea, lemonade water flavoring, Lays potato chips, M&M’s, Mr. Goodbar, Slim Jims, Lysol wipes, EOS lip balm and Butterfingers. Decorate the box with yellow paper and add cut out suns.
  6. A little piece of home: you can include foods and drinks unique to your hometown, photos and books that take place in your hometown. Decorate with maps of the area and photos of any local landmarks.
  7. Just keep swimming: you can include swim cap, swim goggles, swimsuit, swimmer’s ear drops and a towel. Decorate with blue paper and cut out silhouettes of swimmers.
  8. I’m so blue without you: you can include blue Gatorade, cool ranch Doritos, Kraft mac & cheese, Oreos, original flavor Sun Chips, mini Chips Ahoy, Pop-Tarts, Planters nuts, blue Airheads, Rice Krispie Treats and Orbit gum. Decorate the box with blue paper.
  9. Just add water: you can include hot chocolate packets, tea bags, instant coffee, soup and water flavor packets. Decorate the box with water-print scrapbook paper.
  10. A piece of me is missing without you: you can include puzzles, puzzle books, word searches and a Rubix cube. Decorate the box with cut out puzzle pieces.
  11. Goodnight: you can include sleepy tea, eye mask, alarm clock, new PJs, white noise machine and sheets. Decorate with black paper, cut out moon and stars; maybe add counting sheep as well!
  12. Upcoming vacation: you can include maps, guidebooks, destination photos and food unique to the area. Decorate with maps!

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