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Product Spotlight: Chalkboard Countdown Frame

First off, thank you to everyone who helped celebrate my store launch on Thursday! I keep waking up like a kid on Christmas morning because I am so excited about the future for Countdowns and Cupcakes. All of my products come straight from my heart and I’m excited to share the stories behind them with y’all. (Don’t forget you can still use the LAUNCHPARTY coupon code for 10% off your order.)

This week I’m sharing the only non-care package that’s currently listed in my shop: my chalkboard countdown frame. During our first year of marriage, A was deployed for about 7 of the 12 months and it was very hard for me. My amazing maid of honor did a great job of leaving me little mini care packages throughout the time he was gone, but one was my stand out favorite. At the beginning of the deployment, I came home to find a chalkboard picture frame. Her note told me that I could use it to count down the days until my husband came home. #hearteyesemoji

That frame (and watching that number get smaller) brightened my spirits every day. When I first started planning for the store, this frame was the first thing I added to the product list. I am using my countdown frame during this deployment and know that other military spouses and families will use theirs for many years to come.


Each frame is painted with chalkboard paint and lightly distressed before I hand-letter them. One of the best things about this frame is that each one can be fully customized! Each branch of service is available as well as “mom”, “mommy”, “dad” and “daddy” for little ones.

The frame holds a 5″ by 5″ photo and each one comes with a template to help you cut your photo into the perfect heart.


This frame and the story behind it holds a special place in my heart. I hope that it comes to hold a special place in yours as well!

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