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I oFISHally Miss You Care Package

Let me tell you about the time I caught the world’s largest fish. It was the second time A and I went fishing together and, after an epic battle, I pulled a massive catfish out of the pond. Ok so perhaps it wasn’t the exactly the world’s largest fish, but it was pretty stinking big!  I earned major cool points with my husband that day and I like to bring up my top notch angler status every now and then with Mr. Outdoorsy.

When I started working on this care package for the store, I tried to capture the fun we had that day wrestling that fish onto shore.  Yes, I said wrestling. That sucker was BIG and very strong.  Ask A, he’ll tell you.

I searched pretty extensively for the right water paper for the bottom, but once I found it, the rest of the box came together so easily.  The bright blue flaps help the words really stand out and you can’t go wrong with a fun pun! The fish, seaweed and little seahorse are all die cut so they have really clean lines. The bright yellow and orange of the fish really pop against the bright blue of the flaps.

I think I say this every time I share a product with y’all, but this box may be my favorite one in the shop. It’s cute, fun and a teensy bit cheesy, just like my marriage.

Don’t forget that you can use the LAUNCHPARTY code for 10% off your purchase through 12/25! As always, you get free shipping and I will donate 10% of the sale to an organization that supports military families.

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