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What Being a Military Spouse Taught Me About Others

Any military spouse will tell you that this lifestyle teaches you a lot about yourself. From learning how to be more independent, how to handle unpredictability or even realizing just how strong you can be, marrying into the military is a crash course in self-development. But being a military spouse can teach you so much about others as well.

People really don’t understand your lifestyle, but most are willing to try. 

I think we all know that only military spouses can truly understand what it’s like to be a military spouse. The average person can’t really wrap their mind around what deployments or PCS are like, but I’ve been surprised to learn that most people are very willing to listen and try to understand.

Folks are probably afraid to ask too many questions because they worry about saying something wrong, but, in my experience, those same people are oftentimes the best listeners. Open up a little bit and see what happens!

People can be really supportive, if you let them. 

Being a military spouse has taught me just how willing people are to help because they admire and appreciate the sacrifices being made. It could be anything from donating to a care package, shopping at a military-owned business or bringing you a meal during deployment. People WANT to help, but military spouses have to let them.

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I know that asking for (and accepting help) can be really difficult for anyone, but especially military spouses, who so often have to be exceptionally independent.  But there’s nothing wrong with letting people help you! I know, I know…that’s easier said (or typed) than done, but start small and see how it goes.

People everywhere are part of your community and want to connect with you. 

Before I became a military spouse, I had absolutely no idea how many of us there were! Maybe it’s some sort of invisible arrow only other military spouses can see, but it feels like almost everywhere I go, I meet someone who has been (or is currently) in my shoes.

They are immediately supportive and know just what to say and it’s amazing. The best part is that they want to connect with you! Much like so many retired military like to trade stories, so do “retired” military spouses. They are a wealth of knowledge and are ready to share it with you.

My 2+ years as a military spouse have taught me so much about myself and I know those lessons have just gotten started. But more than anything else, I’ve found that being a military spouse allows you to learn about others just as easily. You see a different side of people, a deeply-rooted sense of appreciation and generosity that really brings the warm and fuzzies back into my heart.

What have you learned about others during your time as a military spouse?

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