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Military Spouse Gift Guide

Military Spouse Gift Guide

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but we’re only three Fridays away from Christmas, two if you don’t count today. AHHHHHHHHHH! I am significantly alarmed! *deep breaths* If you’re anything like me, you probably have a few people still to shop for. Some of them may be parents or siblings or spouses or co-workers or military spouses. Or maybe some of them are literally all of the people on your list. While I can’t necessarily help with all of those, I can help with the military spouses on your list thanks to my military spouse gift guide!

Some of these are suggestions from fellow military spouses while others are items that I’ve loved for many years.

Military spouses juggle a lot of things every single day, especially when their spouse is away from home. For me, a planner is necessary when A’s at home and a freaking lifeline when he’s gone. I need to write down everything or somewhere in between work, the housework, the dogs, getting his car serviced, mailing a care package and dinner, I will forget to swap the laundry over. A planner is a must for a military spouse. I have a Day Designer from Target and would probably lose my mind if I ever lost it.

On the flip side of that same equation is the truth that military spouses can easily forget to right down the good stuff because they’re too busy writing down the to-dos.  The “One Line A Day” journal is a sweet way to help them do that. It lasts for five years and you can start it whenever you want. It’s a perfect way for military spouses to keep track of the sweet everyday moments.

The pillow and charm bracelet (and picture frame) are all from military spouse-owned companies, which is reason enough to shop there.  Military families move so much that sometimes it’s hard to remember where home actually is; this pillow would be a great way to keep track.  You could pair it with one of the super cool Homesick Candles for a great gift.

I really like the wine box for a couple’s gift to help a military couple celebrate their time together. But for when they’re on their own, merlot-infused coffee sounds like it has real potential! And the relaxing lavender shampoo is something everyone needs because if you show me a military spouse without stress, I will show you a unicorn that sneezes confetti.

Other great ideas are a day at the spa, a few hours of babysitting so he or she can get stuff done or even a date night with their spouse. For more options, check out 10 ways to support a military spouse.

What would you add to my military spouse gift guide?

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