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Going Nuts Without You Care Package

I’ve previously shared that the definition of true love is giving up nut snacks because your wife is horribly allergic. To make his nut-free time up to my husband, I send as many “forbidden” snacks as possible when he’s away. During his last deployment, I went the extra mile and sent a care package that was entirely nut-themed. He loved it and I knew I wanted a similar care package in the shop because who can’t relate to going a little nuts when a loved one is deployed?

But I also knew that I didn’t want it to be exactly the same so I worked to add a different look to the same theme for the store. The yellow and brown paper (as well as the fun peanut print for the bottom) definitely changed up the look significantly. 

I absolutely love the squirrel and peanut cutouts; they are so stinking cute! I think the best part about this care package is how easy it will be to fill it. A quick trip up and down a few snack aisles and you’re all set!

You can shop this care package in both medium and large flat rate sizes now and as always, you get free shipping. Don’t forget that 10% of the sale goes to an organization that supports military families.

P.S. I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday filled with friends, family and fun!

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