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My Favorite Christmas Traditions

Favorite Christmas traditions

Traditions make the holidays even better. It’s almost like they’re a soft cozy sweater that you reach for when you need to be extra comfortable.   28 years of Christmases have given me quite a few favorite Christmas traditions that make this time of year special.

Every Christmas growing up, after all the presents were unwrapped, my parents would suggest that I take a look in the tree because there may be something extra hidden in there from Santa Mouse. And, of course, every year, there was a small secret present hidden in the tree from Santa’s helper.  I’m not sure how my parents came up with the idea of Santa Mouse, but it will forever be one my favorite Christmas traditions.

For my family, Christmas Eve is almost more fun than Christmas morning. We wrap last minute gifts, listen to Christmas music all day long, have only appetizers for dinner, watching Christmas movies and then drive around looking at Christmas lights. It’s so much fun and it’s one that I want to honor for years to come.

A’s family puts a huge emphasis on their stocking stuffers which only serves to extend the fun of Christmas morning. Their celebration also involves extended family and friends, late nights with lots of drinks and more ham than I thought possible to have in one spot.

Many of you know about my favorite tradition with A: we purchase our locally-grown Charlie Brown tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving. That’s one that has evolved on its own over our time together. But part of our first set of holidays as a couple was determining which family traditions we incorporated into our new family.  Each of us grew up with very different Christmas celebrations so at first it seemed a bit daunting to combine them.

But then we decided that maybe we didn’t have to, at least not really. On years that we spend Christmas in North Carolina with my family, we do all of my traditions and on years that we spend Christmas in Tennessee, we do all of his.

I think it’s the best compromise possible and allows for us to build our own favorite Christmas traditions over the course of our marriage.

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

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