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Since putting gift guides together is almost as exhausting as Christmas shopping, I’ve turned the blog over to B and Ruger today. They put together their (very extensive) Christmas wishlist and hope it helps you shop for your four-legged family members.

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s B and Ruger here and boy are we excited for Christmas! We love everything about this holiday: sniffing the tree, knocking ornaments off the lower branches, drinking the tree water and rustling all the presents Rachel has carefully wrapped.

But most of all, we love all the fun new things we get! That must be why they call it the most wonderful time of year. Rachel says that if we aren’t good, Santa won’t bring us anything so we’ve worked really hard to be good dogs. Ruger has (almost) stopped peeing in the house and B tries really hard to not bark at every little noise. We’re really hoping for personalized dog collars this year and of course, lots of treats too, so we’re on our best behavior! Sometimes we can be a little naughty but we’re trying really hard to be good boys, so we should really be on the nice list

Odds are so should your dog! And they would love Santa to bring any of these fun new toys and treats.

Rachel will tell you that we love toys, especially ones we can chew and destroy. Because we do that in record time, we’re only allowed to have inexpensive toys or antlers. But there are so many good options out there that we don’t even mind too much! We have chewed on (and chewed up) antlers, tennis balls, the rope toy, the green stick, and the frisbee shown here. So this year we asked Santa for something new and the all-natural rope chew sounds awesome! Plus Rachel likes that it’s easily digested which will be easy on our tummies and her sleep schedule.

The only thing we love more than toys are treats and the Blue Buffalo blueberry and yogurt are our favorite! They’re yummy and we guilt everyone into giving us as many as possible. And then we snuggle up with our favorite fleece blankets or find a Calming Dog Bed for a nice long nap.

We can’t wait to see what’s under the tree for us! Happy howl-idays, everyone!

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