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2016 Recap

Can you believe that 2016 is almost over?! On one hand, it just doesn’t seem possible, but on the other hand, I kind of wonder what’s taken so long. The year has brought a lot of ups and downs, both professionally and personally, but looking back, I find myself focusing on the many positives.

Oh, the adventures we had this year! From Valentine’s Day in Charleston with Garth and Tricia to my very first camping trip to Savannah for our dateaversary, A and I discovered so many new places (and good eats) together. He will forever be my favorite travel partner.

We built our dream house this year and have spent the following months making it our home. Every night on the deck, every walk to town, every dinner cooked in our kitchen is the start of a lifetime of memories together and I adore every single one of them.

Around the same time, we added a new member to our family. I wasn’t too sure about a second dog, especially knowing how much A would be gone this year, but Ruger has fit right into our family. I truly can’t imagine life without him, although B probably would be willing to try! And thanks to Ruger, we’ve learned that B is a great swimmer (and super competitive)!

Towards the end of the year, I finally realized a long-held dream of mine: launching my own store! I really stepped up my blog game earlier in the year and all the work and planning came together in December when my Etsy shop opened.

The past 365 days have brought love, laughter and a few tears, but looking back now, I don’t think I would change a single day of them. No matter what happens in the world, I am so incredibly lucky to live the life that I have and share it with so many incredible people, including you all! I don’t know what 2017 holds for me and my family, but I can only hope that it’s as good as my 2016.

What was the highlight of your 2016?

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