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Deployment Goals

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and ready to tackle the week ahead. I wrapped up a three-day work event and while I’m feeling tired, I’m ready to get a jump on some personal things that I had to slack on last week.  You see, when A’s gone for extended periods of time, I like to make lots of to-do lists to keep myself busy and now I’m finally ready to tackle mine!

I’ve written about deployment goals in the past and know that they’re really important in helping me thrive during deployment. I’m very task-oriented and if I’ve written something down, I’m far more likely to get it done. These goals save me endless weekends on the sofa watching Netflix and instead force me to get moving, get stuff accomplished and keep life going even when A is deployed.

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Deployment Goals

  1. Exercise 4 times a week: I don’t know what it is about A being gone, but I have so much more time to work out! Last deployment, I trained and ran a half-marathon.  How much running did I do while A was home? Approximately none. So for the next few months, I want to hit the gym and try and get a routine strong enough to stick after homecoming.
  2. Paint the entryway: a lot of my deployment goals focus on house projects, but this is the one I’m most excited about! Our entryway desperately needs a bold color and I can’t wait to tackle this small space on my own. Now if only I can keep the dogs from tracking navy blue puppy prints all over the house.
  3. Finish unpacking the master bedroom and front bedroom: y’all, we have so many boxes that are still full of stuff. And almost all of them are sitting in our front bedroom. I went in there the other day looking for something and had to do a really dangerous (and slightly painful) gymnastics routine in order to get past the door. By the time A comes home, I want all of those boxes empty and their contents organized and put in their forever home.
  4. DIY project for loft: we want to turn our loft space into a fun sports-themed rec room and I’ve got a fun (and easy) project planned that will help that idea become a reality.  I ran it by A before he left and he was completely for it, so I’m excited to share it with y’all!
  5. Start work on my office: like most of the non-essential rooms in our house, my office is a maze of boxes and haphazardly placed furniture. But I need that to change! There are a lot of project that I want A to help me with, but I can at least unpack the boxes and set up my desk space so it’s functional. Maybe I’ll get really crazy and hang some artwork too!

Do you set deployment goals? What kinds of things do you add to your list?

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